The Early Learners' Academy

Where Learning Music is Smart and Fun!


Early Explorers 1 (Infants – 5)

The National Conservatory of Arts is proud to offer the Early Learners Academy, the finest singing, movement and music classes available for children from birth to age four!

Our program is a music education curriculum designed to unleash the musical potential of young children. Featuring award winning music, engaging activities, and caring, professional instructors, We are proud of the high standards we set in the field of early childhood music education!

Just as the minds of babies are literally being wired to discern and compute the sounds of the verbal language around them, their developing minds can also be wired for the melodic and rhythmic sounds of music. The greater the palette of sounds children are exposed to, the greater their music vocabulary will be upon which they can build as they grow. Take advantage of the program to stimulate and cultivate that growth with a fun, up-tempo music class with your child!

Class Schedule:

Music Explorers 1

Saturdays at 9:30 am   NW Branch    Ms. Shivani Bammi

Saturdays at 9:30 am   SW Branch     Ms. Alice Chen

Sundays at 2 pm          NW Branch     Ms. Alice Chen

Early Explorers 2 (ages 2 - 4)

Pre-keyboard music and movement

The natural energy and music children ages 2-3 years old have within them is amazing. They are generally constantly singing, moving to a rhythm or beat and always ready to move! Explorers 2 is an exciting and innovative pre-school music & movement program with a flexible format that fits the level of development of these children perfectly.

Our Teddy Bears help teach the children rhythms and puppet friends guide children on their music journey and instruction with singing, and ear training. Our child-centered curriculum includes stories, songs, and games to ensure that all children feel and achieve a high level of engagement and success.

There are six levels to the Early Explorers 2 program and each are 18 weeks in length.  Each level builds upon the last, so as the child's foundation in singing, rhythm and ear training builds and grows, so does the curriculum.

Once a child has finished either one, two or the full six levels of Early Explorers 2, they are naturally ready to move seamlessly into formal music instruction in either group, partner or private lessons on piano, guitar, violin, cello, ukulele, or drum set.  

Class Schedule

Music Explorers 2

Saturdays at 10:45 am  NW Branch    Ms. Shivani Bammi

Saturdays at 10:45 am  SW Branch    Ms. Alice Chen

Sundays at 3:15 pm am NW Branch   Ms. Alice Chen