Kinder-Winds Program

3 advantages of NCA's Kinder-Winds program over flute, clarinet, and saxophone classes at other woodwind programs:
1.  Parents can measure their child's interest on a budget.  You have a chance to gauge your child's true interest level in flute, clarinet, and saxophone without prematurely over-investing in an expensive instrument.

2.  Children will master the basics first.  Your child will have a chance to master the basics like note-reading, finger placement, posture, and easy practice habits before graduating to the traditional instrument.

3.  Parents can start their children earlier on flute, clarinet, and sax.  Most woodwind instruments require a child to be between 9-12, however, these dynamic student instruments are specifically designed for ages 4 - 9 in mind.  

These modified, kid-friendly instruments, also allow children to build their embouchure while making great music in the meantime.  Our teachers are also trained to facilitate young learners and keep them engaged!

Kinder-Clarinet at National Conservatory of Arts


Utilizing the Nuvo Dood, students as young as 5 years old can learn to play the clarinet.  The Dood uses the same mouthpiece and reed system as the Clarinet, and combined with our innovative curriculum, it is a great way to introduce single-reed skills at an early age and is a great addition to any wind ensemble.  Our curriculum includes a wide range of music that will captivate any student.  

The kinder-clarinet Dood, made by Nuvo Instruments is $27.

Tuesdays from 5:30 - 6:00 pm


Tuition is $95 per month, for 3 consecutive months for all Kinder-Winds Classes.

Toot Student at The National Conservatory of Arts


Utilizing the Nuvo Toot, students as young as 4 years old can learn to play the flute.  The set includes a transitional mouthpiece which can be used in the early lessons while the student is learning posture, fingering and playing simple tunes. When ready, the transitional mouthpiece can be replaced by the regular lip plate which is also included.  Used in conjunction with our curriculum, we give children the chance to learn important woodwind skills before moving on to a full-size flute.  Our curriculum includes music that is perfect for young learners.  

The kinder-flute Toot is $24.

Wednesdays from 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm



Utilizing the Nuvo jSax, students as young as 5 years old can learn to play the saxophone.  With the jSax instrument designed with a traditional saxophone mouthpiece and fingering patterns, our well-designed curriculum enables kids to develop sax embouchure and playing skills at an earlier age than usually recommended for Saxophone. The instrument itself has a surprising mellow sax sound and is a lot of fun to play.  Our curriculum utilizes traditional folk songs, as well as very kid-friendly jazz and classical, so students are sure to have a well rounded, enjoyable experience.  

The kinder-saxophone jSax is $95.

Tuesdays 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm