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Piano Department

Our award-winning program develops many competition winners. Offering piano lessons for children & adults, we teach traditional, Suzuki, Classical & Jazz. We specialize in private & partner lessons, group classes, master classes, workshops & camps.

Piano Study & Lessons

National Conservatory of Arts offers a program of piano study for the early beginner through the advanced high school student, beginning at age 3.5 or older. The inclusive philosophy of various pedagogical approaches, informs an approach that assures teaching tailored to the needs of the individual student, with a strong emphasis on building confident solo performing, fluent music reading, and skillful ensemble participation.


A typical program is comprised of an Individual Lesson and a Monthly Master Class, with students participating in Repertoire Workshop and learning chamber music as they progress through the curriculum. 


Students also have the opportunity to learn the jazz, gospel, and contemporary music either as a supplement to their current studies or as the main focus of their piano lessons with the National Conservatory of Arts.  Teachers and students will work closely to design a program that incorporates all of that the music that the student values as well as the fundamentals necessary for becoming a brilliant pianist.


Group Classes

Group Classes for Beginners

These small classes provide an introduction to study in an engaging and supportive group setting. Students learn the fundamentals of piano study, including instrument technique and music reading. Classes explore a variety of music styles through group and solo playing or singing and participate in NCA concerts. Teachers facilitate the transition to individual study in the second year.


Group Classes for Intermediates

These small classes will allow students to not only thoroughly study piano ensemble repertoire will also offer many opportunities for building solo repertoire. Dedicated students are able to prepare for competitions and juries in a group class, just as well as they would in private lessons.

*Students taking piano as a second or third instrument should take piano in a group setting to ensure ease.


Piano Ensemble Workshop

Students participate in repertoire written for 4-hands, 6-hands, or 8-hands ensembles. This class provides an opportunity for pianists to study chamber music, exploring a range of repertoire from Baroque through Contemporary composers. Students learn strategies for sight-reading and how to work collaboratively. Ensembles perform in school concerts.  Students in this class study on digital pianos, and may perform on acoustic piano, depending on availability.


Repertoire Workshop

Intermediate pianists have the option to participate in one Repertoire Workshops given throughout the year.  The Repertoire Workshops focuses on musical development, interpretation, performance, and competition strategies. Students are coached on solo repertoire, ensemble repertoire, and rudiments and learn from observing the lessons of fellow students.  


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