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Drum & Percussion Lessons

It's time to become the drummer you've always dreamed of being! Whether you are interested in learning drum corps style rudiments, playing to your favorite CD on drums, or just wanting a better understanding of rhythm we can help you!

Drum Lessons Overview

Our drum instructors live and breathe drums and are ready to help you develop the skills to learn how to play quickly! We aim to provide the best drum lesson in Lafayette and are the only place where you can play on high-end state-of-the-art electronic drum kits. (These make great kits to purchase for home practice so it's not too LOUD for you to practice with!)

Give us a call or email us at the information below and let's get you started on becoming the best drummer you can be!


Percussion Lessons Overview


If you're just starting out, here are a few ways you can keep sound levels down while you practice!
  • Start on a rubber practice pad

  • Put rubber pads on cheap drums

  • Purchase an electronic drum kit

Ready to get started?

Register your student for music lessons at National Conservatry of Arts today!

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