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Tuition Schedule

Welcome to our current Tuition Schedule page where NCA's tuition options are listed. The entry month for students is prorated, if necessary. Should you require additional support with tuition payment options or scholarships, please contact the Executive Director at or (202)581-1043 Ext. 709.

Our music tuition includes

  • Lessons that are FUN! Learn the songs/styles you love…from Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classical & more

  • Instruction and mentorship from The Most Qualified Music Faculty in the Washington metropolitan area who LOVE to teach

  • Proven track record of success since 2002

  • Piano, Voice, Guitar, Strings, Brass, Drum, Preschool classes, and more for all ages in two locations

  • Frequent recitals so that your family and friends can share in your progress

  • Outstanding customer service by our front desk staff so that our teachers focus only on teaching

  • Professional facilities to ensure the finest possible learning experience

  • Flexible make-up lesson options that never expire, offered to our students

  • Option to participate in our Piano Olympics, and String Olympics

  • Opportunity to earn a variety of certificates, pins, and trophy awards for student achievements

  • Honors program with an opportunity to perform at events around Washington DC and Maryland

  • Opportunity to perform in an ensemble or band: providing students an opportunity to work with other musicians

  • Optional preparation of students for RCM, MTNA competitions and showcases, ABRSM, ASTA, and NATS

  • Participation in student performances such as Valentine recitals, Halloween recitals, and Adult Soiree concerts. Free admittance for faculty performances.

Private Lessons

Traditional Music Lessons

Private instruction allows the teacher to tailor lessons to the individual’s strengths and needs, helping the student reach their full potential as a musician. Private lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments. Adult students may choose to take lessons weekly, twice a month, or through an occasional package for the year. Contact us to see which days and times are available.

30-minutes -  $56
45-minutes - $85
60-minutes - $113

Suzuki Private Lessons

30-minutes -  $54/lesson
45-minutes - $82/lesson
60-minutes - $110/lesson
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Music Ensembles


Music Ensemble Classes

National Girls Chorus, Boys Vocal Ensemble, and The Capital Hill Children's Choir - $70.00 per month  

Children's Chamber Orchestra Class - $75.00 per month  

National Children’s Piano Ensemble - $75.00

Children’s Percussion Ensemble - $75.00  

Children’s Drumming Circle - $75.00


Adult Chorus - $75.00 per month                                                                                                                        

Adult Chamber Ensemble Class - $75.00 per month                                                                                        

(Adult) Washington Piano Ensemble - $75.00 per month  

Adult Percussion Ensemble - $75.00 per month 

Adult Drumming Circle - $75.00 per month    

Opera Singer

Music Therapy

30-minutes -  $54/lesson
45-minutes - $82/lesson
60-minutes - $110/lesson

Other Classes

Partner Classes

30-minutes -  $48/student
45-minutes - $66/student
60-minutes - $85/student

Group Classes

Beginner Group Class - $31.25
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