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Who We Are

Our Variety Is Our Strength

Our goal is to offer individual and group music instruction, and ensemble and performance opportunities, to students of all levels and abilities. Our objectives are realized by providing excellence in performing and fine arts education – from beginning through advanced levels – to infancy through adulthood. We also aim to sustain a highly qualified faculty and staff comprised of credentialed, experienced, and dedicated artists, educators, and administrators. 


Who we are

For almost a decade, the faculty of National Conservatory of Arts has offered an environment where music can flourish in all its aspects, enriching the lives of students of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The belief that music is a fundamental part of human life is at the center of our philosophy and mission.

As musicians, educators, and performers, we believe that participation in a musical life serves all areas of human development. Our work is upheld by our belief in the power of art to change lives, as we learn, grow, and thrive through our engagement with others in meaningful musical activity. Scientific research into music making has never been more profound at advocating for the benefits of music education to all ages. And, as we consider The Importance of Music in Our Lives with our students, they offer sentiments which reaffirms what we already intuitively understand: that our musicality is not only fundamental to life – it serves our humanity.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

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