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Orchestral After School Program

NCA’s dynamic orchestral program requires students to participate in the various group classes and ensemble opportunities in our after-school program. Students can choose to learn the violin, viola, cello, or upright bass.

Classes include

  • Semi-private lessons in either violin, viola, cello, or upright bass.

  • Suzuki repertory class

  • Orchestra class

  • Music theory class

  • Group Piano class

  • Music Theory Class

  • Music History Class



​Each class is on a different date, and it is best to enroll in our full-week program in order to see your child blossom with their instrument. Students are encouraged to practice on the weekends and on the days they aren't at CCMP.

  • Full week - $95

  • Partial week - $85

Program requirements

  • All grades

  • Motivated and enthusiastic learners

Ready to get started?

Register your student for NCA's Capital City Music Project today! 

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